Saturday is one day of the week I tend to be lazy. It’s like Lionel Richie’s song ‘easy like Sunday morning” is activated in my brain. I tend to be slower and just drag through the day.

Even today, the sun is up and I’m still in bed. I’ve spent a few minutes praying, then I sorta lost interest. I picked my phone up to see what time it was. A few minutes after 6, went through a series of unexpected heavy coughs that brought my husband (an early riser) to the room (I’ve had a bad case of cold this week. It’s been so bad I lost my voice).

At this point I’d thought in my mind. Not today Bukunmi, you’re not sleeping in! You see no matter how late or what happened the day before my husband will be awake before sun up. Me! Na, except I have somewhere to go I seem to always find kinship with my bed.

Like they say many creative people keep late nights (I don’t know if this is scientific or something people say instead of acknowledging insomnia. Maybe I’d do a research on that). So yes I’m hardly able to sleep at night. If I force myself to, I will end up tossing and turning till it’s almost morning. Sigh.

So, though I told myself to get up and start my day, my body decided to revolt and I ended up laying down again and started the terrible habit of mine – day dreaming. I’ve been day dreaming about this and that.

Eventually I just said enough! Got up to start my day, I check my phone for time, it’s already after 9am shit! How did I get to waste so much time AGAIN today? I scolded myself. As I stepped out of the room it occurred to me that I’ve not put up any blog post for today.

So, as I opened WordPress app on my phone to think about what to write, I realised laying down position is the most relaxing position to type my thoughts and after all the struggle to get up, after thinking I’ve won the battle out of bed today, I’m back to my favourite Saturday position IN BED people.

I understand old habits are difficult to break, but something tells me this whole struggle will be over when we have children. I hear they never let you get enough sleep or rest. So while I’m married with no children yet, I may as well enjoy the love I have for laying down on Saturdays.

What is that habit you enjoy but still wish you didn’t have?

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